Casa Riccio da Parma

A house in the heart of  the Emilia Region

A space to live your stay in Parma , in the comfort  and in the refinement. Casa Riccio da Parma is a possible alternative to the hotel with its eight flats (four single room, two  two-rooms and two three-rooms) for families, couples or the individual traveller.

It is at short distance from the main monuments, particularly the Teatro Regio (the Royal Theatre), and from the outskirts of Parma . Who loves culture will enjoy to stay in Casa Riccio da Parma .
[Who was Riccio da Parma? He was a soldier and hero that fought in the famous «disfida di Barletta », which caused the end of French government, after a war which lasted twelve years, from 1500 to 1512]


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